iron Fortified Rice

    • Iron Fortified Rice

    • Aids in synthesis of hemoglobin
    • Acts as a carrier of oxygen to the cells
    • Improves muscle endurance & Reduces fatigue


    • Rice


    • Ferrous sulphate

      Ferrous Sulphate

Iron Fortified Rice

about iron fortified rice

Being an essential mineral for humans, Iron plays a vital role in our body in numerous metabolic functions. Iron is required for haemoglobin production, a protein that carries oxygen from the lungs to all over the body. Further, it is essential in synthesis of myoglobin, which is a protein that provides oxygen to our muscle cells. 

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Health Gold Iron enriched rice is infused with Iron to ensure your body gets a regulated quantity of Iron via rice to meet the daily needs. 

This successful outcome is a result of dedicated work by experienced Sri Lankan Scientists and Engineers, utilizing cutting edge technology. Health Gold fortified rice is the first uniformly fortified grain product in the world, with an international patent.