Fortification Process

Our Fortification Process

our rice fortification process

Fortigrains is the first to develop a technology that successfully addresses the shortcomings in the Fortification methods currently available. Our novel technology combines natural ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, and functional ingredients such as phytochemicals within every kernel of rice.

This technology has been secured by an International Patent, and we have additionally filed for local patents in 12 countries, including the US, European Union, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, India and Sri Lanka in addition, we have an application in progress for a second patent for another, more versatile version of our technology.


Thus, we are producing grain to grain uniformity of fortificants, minimizingloss of nutrition during washing, with no segregation, as all grains have the same nutritional value.

Our R&D team is engaged in continuous research with various types offortificants to widen the horizon of rice fortification   including vitamins, proteins and amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Currently we are working with Vitamins, including Vitamin B complex in order to cater the 15% of the Daily Vitamin B requirement by Fortified rice as guided by FAO.

Where is the World at the Fortifying Rice

where is THE world at fortifying rice ?

At present, there are several technologies in use for fortification of rice, the most common of these being extrusion, dusting and coating. There are known drawbacks to each of the technologies such as uneven distribution of fortificants in rice kernels, low retention of fortificants due to washing of rice prior to cooking and segregation of fortified rice kernels during handling.

As for extrusion, as all of the grains cannot be extruded, grains are extruded with a high concentration of fortificants (200 times the amount that should be contained in one grain if distributed uniformly). Each extruded grain is then mixed with 199 normal rice grains. Therefore, this may result in the uneven distribution causing substantial overconsumption or under consumption of fortificants.