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Sri Lanka's First & only fortified rice

with a patented technology

“Health Gold” Fortified Rice—a unique food product with functional health benefits for a healthy living. Derived by infusing the appetizing taste of rice with a diverse range of enriching natural ingredients.


  •  Bacopa & Centella Fortified Rice

    Rice fortified withbacopa & centella

    The rice to fight brain & neurological disorders. 

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  • Catechins Fortified Rice

    rice fortified withcatechins

    The rice to reduce risk of Heart Failure & Diabetes. 

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  •  catechins

    Rice fortified withcinnomon

    Rice to fight High Blood Pressure Diabetes & Cancer

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  •  Curcumin Rice

    Rice fortified withcurcumin

    Rice to fight Arthritis & Cancer

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  • Iron Fortified Rice

    Rice fortified withiron

    The Rice of Growth with "Sports Stamina Power"

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  • Zinc Rice

    Rice fortified withzinc

    Immune Boosting Rice with "Extra Wound Healing Power"

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AWARDS & Certifications

  • vegan certified
  • non-gmo production certified
  • gmp certified
  • haccp certified
  • iso certified

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Rice Fortification Process

fortification process

Fortigrains is the first to develop a technology that successfully addresses the shortcomings in the Fortification methods currently available. Our novel technology uses natural ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, and functional ingredients such as phytochemical, combining these ingredients with every kernel of rice.

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Food Safety Policy

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